Thursday, November 28, 2013

This Thanksgiving, Samir Says Thanks!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me raise NRs. 238,400 (+NRs. 5500 in bitcoins, to be delivered separately)  to help Samir go to school. My parents personally delivered the check to Samir's parents, and here are the pictures, as promised.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the generous people in the world. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Final List

Thanks to all generous donors and 'sharers' , HelpSamir fund not only reached the target amount, but exceeded it. 

I have been in touch with Samir's immediate family, and people from Nepal who have been accepting contributions for the fund from Nepal. Samir's family is extremely happy to know that people from all over the world came together to help a family in need-- a family, who was a victim of the dirty politics in Nepal. 

When I started this fundraiser, my initial idea was to talk to my friends, ask them to contribute their lunch money, and send it to Nepal. But fortunately, the list of contributors grew out of my network of friends, and now 106 of you have contributed to the fund. As the contributors of the fund, you have the right to know how much is raised and delivered to the family. 

Contributions came through three different ways: Paypal through Fundrazr, transfer to bank account, and through bitcoins. Here's the final list of contributors sorted by the amount of contribution and alphabetical order by first name. 

The money has been transferred to Nepal, and the meeting with Samir and his family has been scheduled for Saturday Morning. Please check back  for updates. 

Thank you very much again. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me

Saturday, November 23, 2013

We Did it!

What can be a better way to start a weekend than this!

Within four days after I started the fundraiser campaign for Samir Khadgi and his family-- a poor family who became victim of the dirty politics, we have raised USD 2195. That's  10% more than the goal I set up at the beginning of the fundraiser. The response I received from friends, friends' friends and all the Nepalese people have been truly amazing. I am amazed at how fast we Nepalese can come together to help a family in Need.

Here's a link of downloadable version of the list of donors, source of donations, associated fees and total raised.   Here's the list sorted alphabetically by first name. Contact me regarding any questions you have about the fundraising process and the delivery. Please keep checking the blog for updates.

I can not thank you enough for your help regarding the campaign. I want to leave with the following quote:

There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness. -- His Holiness The Dalai Lama 

Friday, November 22, 2013

The List is Growing Longer and Longer!

List of Donors as of 11/22/2013 1630 EST (Click on the image to magnify)

Three days, 71 contributors, 80% of the goal, and $1600! There's a good chance the target will be reached today, and Samir's parents will receive the money tomorrow! Thank you very much for your support, financial or otherwise. Keep checking the blog for updates on fundraising sand fund delivery.

Halfway There!

When I started this fundraising project for Samir Khadgi, I had no idea it will get this big. I thought I'd ask my friends to donate their lunch money, I will collect it and send it to the family. But fortunately, I was wrong. The list of contributors has grown bigger, and within three days, we have reached 55% of the goal. Not all of the contributors are on my network of friends on Facebook, so I thought it'd be unfair to post updates on Favebook alone. So I'd start updating this blog with the updates on fundraiser, delivery of the funds and health of Samir. To start with, here is the list of contributors as of 11/22/2013, 0900 EST.
Date Contributor  Amount  Date Contributor  Amount 
21-Nov Prabin Joshi  $ 70.00 21-Nov Sakin Shrestha  $ 20.00
20-Nov Jay Bhandari  $ 50.00 21-Nov Roshan Kumar  $ 20.00
21-Nov Sajana Khadgi  $ 50.00 21-Nov Prakhyat Koirala  $ 20.00
21-Nov Sarad Singh  $ 50.00 22-Nov Suku Shrestha  $ 20.00
21-Nov Pristha Shrestha  $ 40.00 19-Nov Sanjeev Niroula  $ 10.00
21-Nov Christina Chhetri  $ 30.00 19-Nov Bimasa Kafle  $ 10.00
21-Nov Vivid Thakali  $ 30.00 20-Nov Rajesh Jayasawal  $ 10.00
20-Nov Praweg Koirala  $ 25.00 20-Nov Gopal Shrestha  $ 10.00
21-Nov Anu Karmacharya  $ 25.00 20-Nov Kishor Paudel  $ 10.00
21-Nov Prasaya Shrestha  $ 25.00 20-Nov Ruban Tamrakar  $ 10.00
19-Nov Binayak KC  $ 20.00 20-Nov Avinash Rajkarnikar  $ 10.00
20-Nov Prabesh Shrestha  $ 20.00 20-Nov Sujan Man Maharjan  $ 10.00
21-Nov Aayush Palikhel  $ 20.00 20-Nov Sameer Maharjan  $ 10.00
21-Nov Bindu KC  $ 20.00 20-Nov Saroj Aryal  $ 10.00
21-Nov Sailesh Shrestha  $ 20.00 21-Nov Yogesh Baral  $ 10.00
21-Nov Miglena Manandhar  $ 20.00 21-Nov Puja Gurung  $ 10.00
21-Nov Dixya Bhattarai  $ 20.00 21-Nov Funyima Sherpa  $ 10.00
21-Nov Santosh Nepal  $ 20.00 21-Nov Rajesh Baduwal  $ 10.00
22-Nov Aswin Karki  $ 20.00 21-Nov Sujan Prasai  $ 10.00
22-Nov Sadikshya Bhandari  $ 20.00 21-Nov Ruchi Kasajoo  $ 10.00
21-Nov Avinash Lohni  $ 20.00 21-Nov Rabindra Kafle  $ 10.00
21-Nov Aanchal Kunwar  $ 20.00 21-Nov Prabin Karanjit  $ 10.00
21-Nov Abhishek Karki  $ 20.00 21-Nov Bipin Giri  $ 10.00
21-Nov Bibek Shrestha  $ 20.00 21-Nov Bikash Rasaily  $ 10.00
21-Nov Vinay Shrestha  $ 20.00 21-Nov Manish Silwal  $ 10.00
21-Nov Nabin Karanjit  $ 20.00 21-Nov Milan Bimali  $ 10.00
21-Nov Shravan Joshi  $ 20.00 21-Nov Prabin Sapkota  $ 10.00
21-Nov Ramila Baral  $ 20.00 21-Nov Prateek Shrestha  $   5.00
21-Nov Shraddha Joshi  $ 20.00 21-Nov Aarti Maharjan  $   5.00

I really appreciate all of you donating to the cause, and sharing the words. This means a lot to me, and it will mean a lot more to the kid and his family. Keep on sharing the word, tweet #HelpSamir. And if you'd like to remain an anonymous donor or you are donating from somebody else's Paypal account, please send me an email at